Stress- Free One Bag Packing Guide for Winter

No matter what time of year I visit Japan, locals always seem to say “it’s unusually cold for this time of year.” But one thing is for sure, Winter in Japan is freezing! One might think it difficult to pack light for Winter, but this is my guide to one bag packing.

First off, always prepare for varied temperatures with layers. I find the best way to layer is to choose a color palette that can be mixed and matched. Also, choose items you can wear more than once in a different outfit.

Packing Guide for Winter

Packing Rule #1

First rule of capsule packing is to choose a color scheme. Usually 2 neutrals and a pop of color. Here I chose black, white & burgundy.

winter outfits with jeans, sweater, hat, packing guide

Winter Packing Rule # 2

Second rule is to only pack items that can be worn at least 2x. Then, mix & match items to create different looks for each day.

Winter dress outfits, packing guide

Rule # 3

Third rule is to pack light accessories like hats & scarves. Accessories can complete any outfit and can take your look from a 0 to 10!

Extra Pack Hacks

  • keeps items wrinkle-free by using tissue paper when folding
  • always wear a scarf (no matter the season) you can use it as a blanket on cold flights
  • put heavier items toward the wheels to avoid tipping over

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