Lifestyle Abroad


Living in a foreign country has its Pro’s and Con’s. The great thing about living in Thailand, is that it’s new! My daily routine never gets old because there is always something to do, eat, explore, etc.

Living in Thailand has forced me to be flexible (both with time and money) and resourceful. Coming from first-world USA to third-world Thailand… well, lets just say I’ve had to improvise more than a few times (especially when it comes to cooking)!

I love to cook and, prior to Thailand, have been fortunate enough to have access to anything I needed in the kitchen. In Thailand, it is very uncommon to cook at home. Bangkok is PACKED with street vendors, markets and restaurants. No one cooks at home. And who could blame them? I mean, feeding your family for only 160 Baht from your local vendor is pretty hard to beat. However, MSG is very legal here and used in almost every dish! So, needless to say I have had to spend a little more time and money to make sure me and my family stay healthy. *BTW, if you’re eating out in Thailand, learn this phrase “Mâi dtông sài pong choo rót nah (kráp-man) or (kâ- woman).” This is how you ask for no MSG. Learn it, live it, love it!

Another issue being SPACE! I am used to having a lot more of it. I miss my walk-in closet, spare bedrooms and bathtubs! The condos here are about 25-50sqm and no tubs. The closets are installed from IKEA and barely fit my shoe collection. But, the lack of space has taught me to let go of possessions that I can live without. I’d rather stay in a smaller condo and save money to travel, than a huge condo to house my material belongings.

Nonetheless, living abroad gives you a better understanding of others and their culture, teaches you patience and empathy, gives you the opportunity to make friends around the world, and gives you realistic grasp on how the world works.  Lessons that are incomparable to anything I ever learned in school!