The International Affair: Kuala Lumpur

As the first trip for my Under $100 series, I took the daring chance to go international. Our journey to Malaysia started out great! We made it on the bus to the airport (and actually got seats), found a prime location (bar) for preflight drinks, got bumped up to “Hot Seats” on AirAsia (which is the equivalent to first class on Southwest), and got a discounted ride to our hotel via our flight attendant. Things seemed to be goin our way. That is, until we got to our hostel.  Let’s just say that Internet photos can be deceiving (For the protection of the establishment, I will not disclose the name but later on give you insight as in which area to stay in, which is nowhere near our hostel.) But, once we got some sleep and coffee, we headed off to explore Kuala Lumpur! All while trying to spend less than $100/ each.

So what does a trip from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur cost?

I was really trying to keep within the budget. I know to those living in more developed countries it sounds impossible but traveling around SE Asia can be quite economical. Here is my quantum spent on a weekend in KL:

Best bet is to take a LCC from Bangkok. I suggest Air Asia. Tickets range from $60-80 RT!

Once you arrive in KL, you can get a Grab (costing about $16/ 65 MYR) to your hotel, OR take the train which is about the same price to get to KL center.

As you already know, we weren’t exactly pleased with our hostel- the owners were extremely kind and hospitable, it just wasn’t for us. And, truth be told if you’re traveling with someone else, it is about the same price per person to stay in a hotel. Hostels are best when traveling solo.

I can tell you, with confidence, that it makes sense to stay in KL Center. The train is so convenient and makes getting around much more efficient because all the lines go through there.

Anyway, back to hotels. They range from $25+ (101 MYR+) per night. Hostels about $15-17 (61-70 MYR) per night. I always use for my accommodation arrangements.

I suggest taking the train but that’s because I have no faith in traffic. And unless you have an international data plan to order a Grab, then you money-raped by the taxis. NOT actually raped because everyone is nice and I felt very safe!

Train tickets- vary $0.50- $1.50 (2-4MYR)

Peruse the Chinatown market for severe knockoffs- free

Eat street food- $1-2/ 2-5MYR

Flavored Mochi, covered in crushed peanuts.
Warm tofu in mild, sweet sauce.

Get your steps in at Batu Caves- by train $1 / 4 MYR

Play with, or get pick-pocketed by, the monkeys- free-broke

Crafty lil basterds.

Eat Indian cuisine after the caves- $.50-1/ 2-4 MYR

White sauce was the best sauce! Tasted like spicy grits!

Get a Henna Tattoo- $2.45/ 10 MYR

Has medicinal AND cooling properties!

Eat Szechuan and Dim Sum at Jalan Alor (Food Alley)- $2-3/ 10-12 MYR

Spicy La La washed down with a crisp, cold Tiger!
Try them all! Because they basically all taste the same, ha.

As you can see, we kept ourselves pretty entertained, and full. Mostly because my travels are based around food 🙂 But here’s the Approximate Breakdown:

Needless to say, I failed at taking this trip for $100 or less BUT check out my weekend trip to Hua Hin to see if I succeeded in staying within my budget!

Sawasdee ka!

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