Jungle Fever in Bang Krachao

In the heart of Bangkok, lies an island formed by the Chao Phraya River and a small canal -better known as, The Green Lung or Bang Krachao.

For people of Bangkok, it is the perfect escape from the crowded, noisy and down-right overbearring streets of Bangkok. Just a 5 minute boatride to natural bliss.

If you’re like me, and don’t like the city, you will appreciate being surrounded by luscious forests as you bike your way through small paths. Where do the paths lead? That’s half the fun! Wandering through the jungle and seeing what you can discover is what makes this weekend trip so thrilling. Don’t worry about getting lost. The island is small and is actually rather easy to navigate with handwritten signs along the streets and trails.

So, let’s dissect this trip so you know how to get there, where to stay, what to do, and how much it’ll cost you:

The easiest and cheapest way would be to take the BTS to Khlong Toei and from there take a motorbike to Khlong Toei Pier. Once you are there, you will walk toward the river (many people by the temple will voluntarily steer you to the right directions) and board a small boat that will take you across the river to Pae Jeab. Here, you can rent a bicycle for 80฿ per day!

The oh-so popular Bangkok Treehouse is the choice of many, unknowing, tourists. Truth be told, it is extremely overpriced for the accomomodation and for the service. My suggestion is 88 Homestay. The staff is extremely friendly and accomodating, the price is right, and the hotel grounds are beautifully landscaped.

Room at 88 Homestay
Garden at 88 Homestay

At night, sit in the garden and enjoy a beer (or a few) and listen to the fountain and sounds of nature!

Tour the jungle.
Visit Bangnamphueng Floating Market.
Visit the largest Ganesh temple in Bangkok @ Wat Pram (MahaDewalai Hindu Temple).
Relax and explore Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park.
Blend in to your surroundings.

So, here is the financial breakdown for one night in the jungle:

I know, we only stayed for one night, but two days and one night is really all you need for such a small area. But, if you really love it, one more night will come to an even $100! So, go for it and send me pictures when you go!



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