Hua Hin (The Beach Town That Feels Like Home)

Hua Hin Intro

Ooooh, how I love this town! Hua Hin was the city I lived in when I decided to move to Thailand back in 2014. I didn’t know it then, but this city would become my home and favorite place that I’ve been to yet. The water isn’t emerald green, the beaches aren’t secluded… no, it’s not your picturesque Thai experience. But to me, Hua Hin is like the Hamptons of Bangkok. It is a home away from home. It has beach, amazingly fresh seafood, mountains, nature, its where the Royal family has one of many vacation homes, its safe, its a “southern hospitality” kind of community… it will never disappoint.  People of Thailand are hospitable enough, but in Hua Hin… they are even more so!

Hua Hin is 4 hrs south of Bangkok. You can take a train, bus or van to get here. And because it is a fishing town and a popular destination, the seafood is always fresh! I know, “popular destination” doesn’t sound very appealing, but the visitors here are not your typical tourist. Hua Hin, although full of Thai and Foreign tourists, still has a sense of community. The locals and visitors remind me of “southern hospitality”. Everyone is here to enjoy great food, relax, and perhaps make some friends along the way.

Here is the 411:



  • Train:  6hrs+ 400฿  (Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station)
  • Van:  4hrs; 180฿  (Ekkamai BTS– Eastern Bus Terminal)
  • Bus:  3-4hrs; 290฿ (Southern Bus Terminal/ Suvarnabhumi Airport)
  • Private Car: 3-4hrs; 2000฿

*Traveling by bus or car will get you there the fastest! The train is the slowest! I usually book on


I typically use to find accomodations. I suggest saving a little money and NOT stay on the beach, as those resorts will cost you $100+/night, as opposed to $100 total! You can rent beach chairs for 100 ฿/day.



The standard of food in Hua Hin is impeccable. The fresh produce typically comes from local farms,  and the seafood is caught that day, fresh off the boat! Here are my favorite places to eat:


Hua Hin Night Bazaar65/2 Soi Hua Hin 72  Daily 6-11 

There are vendors selling food, clothes, souvenirs, knock-off goods, etc. Hua Hin Seafood and Lung Ja Seafood are the best bet (other than rotee and satay from the carts). BUT, I would get there before 6pm, as there are crowds at Lung Ja Seafood.

IMG_6228Tamarind– Nong Kae-Takiap, Hua Hin Thanon 3  Thu-Sun -11

I suggest getting here at 5pm, as the tables do fill up fast! Tamarind is strictly a food and drink market. They offer live music and alcohol (holidays excluded). All the fresh grilled seafood is amazing!

However, this guy is my favorite:

Once you arrive on the beach, you will notice stretches of umbrellas and chairs. Go to ANY of these beach “restaurants”  to enjoy delicious food, drinks and scenery (the ocean!).


There is only one place to go… Soi Binta Baht! There you will find tons of bars! Just walk around until you find one that interests you. However, if you love live music like I do, go to Hua Hin Brewing Company. In the ‘basement’ area is a bar that has the best band and a dance floor!


Starting left to right, top to bottom:

  • Wat Khao Tao
  • Hutsadin Elephant Foundation
  • Phraya Nakhon Cave
  • Hin Lek Fai Viewpoint
  • PEAK: Any time I’m in Hua Hin it is an amazing experience! But if I had to pick a “peak,” I’d say it was our last night. We ate at Tamarind and the live music was amazing! They played the best songs, and Mom and I really enjoyed singing along!
  • PIT: I forgot that it was a holiday weekend (the Kings Birthday and Buddhist Lent), which means no alcohol sales. Not that I need to have alcohol, but I do enjoy a glass of white with my seafood! *BTW: On Buddhist Holidays and any day honoring the King there are no alcohol sales in the stores or restaurants. Also, no alcohol sales before 11am, 2pm-5pm, or after midnight.

If you have any questions about Hua Hin, please feel free to leave a ‘reply’ or email me any time!

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