Why I Fell For Penang (no, not the Curry)



Wow! The street art is amazing! And interactive. You can wonder the streets of Lebuh Armenian, Lebuh Chulia, Lebuh Cintra… and see tourists jumping into the scene and taking selfies for Instagram. It’s such a popular activity for tourists, that just about every hotel gives you a free map describing where each piece is located. It was a blast finding ways to create living art! 

In between photoshoots you can enjoy tea or coffee at one of the many amazing cafes while you cool down and plan your next route. (I suggest Lebuh Armenian for Cafes. They have a lot of cute spots!)



Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant
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Canteen at China House
High Tea at Canteen at China House

Before heading to Malaysia I researched popular food. Malaysian food is good, but George Town is such a melting pot that you get a BIG variety of cuisine. We had Muslim, Lebanese, Indian, and even High Tea! My favorite was Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant. No, I’m not a vegetarian… the food is just that good. And the owners are great and were a big aide in our meal selections! 

You really can’t go wrong with any choice.  Every restaurant we ate at was tasty! 

*Meals ranged from 17RM-75RM ($6-20) for two. 


Chulia Court
Chulia Court
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Secret Speakeasy
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Speakeasy: Magazine 63
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Cocktail with glitter! 

Even though Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, the nightlife in George Town was a pleasant surprise! 

My favorite is the speakeasy, Magazine 63. Finding it is half the fun! We must have passed the entrance a million times and walked around the entire building. It wasn’t until a group of Chinese men asked if we were looking for the hidden bar that we figured it out it was right in front of us! The above picture was taken from the street. Once inside, go to the left and press on the wooden wall and it will open! Then you will see a door with a knob, and there you are! 

Chulia Court is a relaxing bar with live music! They have drink specials every night and the ambiance is wonderful. From the outside it looks like your average street cafe, but on the inside it’s colorful and eclectic! 

*Drinks range from 20-30RM ($5-8)/ drink. 


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My sweet mama outside the Reunion Heritage House
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Our comfortable, King bed!

George Town is full of adorable Boutique Hotels. We stayed at Reunion Heritage House. It was so CHIC! The black and white exterior was crisp, and the Marquis Lights on the interior gave it a stylish feel. They offered a buffet breakfast, and the attached cafe, Merry Me, had great desserts! The rooms were decorated with a fusion of Asian and Colonial Britain decor, and the were so detailed as to leave a handwritten note on the pillow, thanking us for our stay! I love the details RHH included and they made us feel right at home! 

*We stayed for 3 nights = $79 total. 


George Town been colonized by a few countries. Around town you will see colonial buildings next to Mosques, next to Chinese tea houses… It is a melting pot! The variety is what makes this town so unique and so appealing to visitors. It offers food from multiple cultures: Chinese, Indian, Muslim, Lebanese, British; as well as establishments for practicing every religion. There is tons of culture, amazing art, and delicious food! I strongly encourage you to visit and get lost in George Town for a few days! You will fall in love!

Let me know what you think! For me, culture is revolves around food and dining experiences. What defines culture for you?! Leave your answer below!

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