Experience the Best of Japanese Cuisine in Your Kitchen

Although traveling is not feasible, you can still experience the best of Japanese cuisine in your own kitchen! with Kokoro Care Packages. 

Kokoro was founded by two female entrepreneurs, Lillian Hanako Rowlatt and Aki Sugiyama. Just two friends living an ocean apart, but wanted to share their love of authentic Japanese cuisine! While supporting local Japanese farmers and producers. 

What I love most about Kokoro  is the attention to detail and amount of personality in each curated package!  Each item has been personally chosen and is of premium-quality, all-natural Japanese foods produced in various regions, with various flavor profiles.  (So, not your packs of Maruchan ramen packs.)  These products are only found in Japan!

How to Order Your Japanese Care Package:

Their subscription Care Packages are available in two options: a monthly Nourishing Essentials Care Package and a quarterly Seasonal Delights Care Package. One time gift purchases are also available. 

They also offer Collections Care Packages which are available for order anytime, year round. Their Creative Beginnings: Redefining “Wa” Care Package contains all the essentials ingredients you need to create delicious Japanese foods in your own home.

Their recently released  Zuru Zuru Noodles: “Yui” Care Package contains their favorite specialty noodles from Japan.

Your Care Package:

Of course, your package will contain the BEST ingredients that you can’t get unless you are in Japan, but the intimacy of the package is what separates Kokoro from any other company. 

Each product has a story behind it, which is written out in your pamphlet as well as product descriptions and recipes.

I have tried each item and not ONE was a letdown.  Even better, I have incorporated many of the products into other cuisines and dishes like my Shikuchu Cocktail, Sesame Banana Bread, and Thai POW Chicken

Kokoro Website Provides More Than Japanese Products:

If you’re new to Japanese foods and customs, Kokoro has you covered! Under the “Kokoro Community” tab, you can find delicious recipes to try with your care package products! You can also learn about history and culture in these blog entries!

Like most things in Japan, my overall experience exceeded my expectation!  And, because the women of Kokoro are soooo thoughtful, they are giving you a 10% discount on orders before August 31, 2020!! Just use the code IMJESSAGIRL at checkout.  Once you get your package, let me know what creations you come up with! 

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