Do They Celebrate 4th of July in Thailand?


Haha, you’d be surprised how many people from the US ask if they celebrate holidays like 4th of July and Thanksgiving in Thailand. The answer is… NO! If you didn’t know, Thanksgiving and 4th of July are USA specific. Thailand does not celebrate any independence, as they a monarchy. But, there are many US citizens in Thailand, so we congregate together and celebrate the holidays the best we can.

It is difficult, however, to spend the holidays without your family. I miss the delicious food that I am accustomed to during Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. AND I certainly miss seeing my entire family and catching up on current events.

This Independence Day the only way I celebrated, was going to the roof of our high-rise and we had our own picnic that included overpriced hot dogs from a US restaurant in Bangkok (foreign meals are like triple the cost than Thai meals). No fireworks, no family cookouts… just a girl with her processed food and a soda!

I hope you all cherish the memories with your friends and family, and have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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