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How to Capsule Pack for a Beach Getaway in 7 Easy Steps

What is capsule packing? Well, it’s packing minimal items that you can wear in various situations. Below are the steps to take to pack lightly, which can save you time, space and baggage fees! Your Steps to Capsule Pack: Step 1: Plan your color scheme. Start by choosing 1-2 neutral colors, then add 1-2 accent colors. …


The Crack Chicken I Cant Refuse: Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Grapow Gai Kai Dao)

This is my FAVORITE dish in Thailand. And chances are that the US version tastes nothing like it does here, in Thailand. But don’t worry! I have the authentic recipe! While living in Hua Hin (a beach town 4 hrs south of Bangkok), I frequented the restaurant right next to my apartment. The owners were a …