7 Step Japanese Skincare Routine (+ linked products)

1. Cleanse. The first step to method of skincare begins with washing your face. I use Sheseido Elixir Cleansing Mousse. It is light and works well with my sensitive skin.  2. Exfoliate. I usually prefer a natural exfoliation/scrub. I either use baking soda or a textured washcloth.  3. Cleanse, again. This step sounds redundant but [...]

5 Easy Japanese Health Practices To Improve Your Health

In college, I minored in Nutrition, and I have danced my whole life, so the importance of nutritional and physical health is not foreign to me. But in Japan, the emphasis on health is a part of EVERYONE'S daily life.  (Which is why they have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.)  There are billboards, [...]