7 Step Japanese Skincare Routine (+ linked products)

1. Cleanse.

The first step to method of skincare begins with washing your face. I use Sheseido Elixir Cleansing Mousse. It is light and works well with my sensitive skin. 

2. Exfoliate.

I usually prefer a natural exfoliation/scrub. I either use baking soda or a textured washcloth. 

3. Cleanse, again.

This step sounds redundant but is very important. By cleansing your twice, you are guaranteeing a face free of grime. I like Kanebo Beauty Clear Powder Wash. It helps unclog and minimize pores. 

4. Toner.

Toner is important for balancing the pH of your skin after cleansing and exfoliating. You want to make sure your skin doesn’t become dehydrated, so don’t skip this step!

My favorite toner is Hada Labo GokuJyun Clear Lotion.

5. Lotion/moisturizer.

Again, now that you have dried your skin from previous steps, we want to help hydrate the skin. Make sure your moisturizer isn’t too thick. Always put hydrators on from thinnest to thickest. 

I use Sheseido Elixir Lifting Moisture Emulsion II.

6. Serum.

Serum is a great way to attack problem areas. One problem I have is even complexion. I use Sunday Riley’s Juno antioxidant oil to help maintain an even skin tone. 

7. Eye cream/gel.

I have found that most eye creams contain too much acid and therefore deplete collagen, making under-eye bags even more prominent. A natural fix is Vitamin E oil. This not only hydrates skin under your eye, but actually has a tightening effect, making bags less noticeable. 

There are many other amazing products to use from Japan! And of course, the best way to take care of your skin is to maintain a healthy diet. In Japan, eating 30 Types of Food a Day is a great way to take care of your skin from the inside-out!

What are some of your favorite skin care products or routines?

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